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CLICK HERE to see how to STAY SAFE online.



We know that

Domestic Violence/Abuse (DV) affects everyone in the community, therefore:


We feel that

DV is Community Business


What we want to do about It

  • Tell the community about the true nature of DV and how it affects us all
  • Create a wider network of support for victims of DV and their families.
  • Tell the community about how the behaviour of perpetrators comes from weakness rather than strength.
  • Deliver community based training on mentoring and DV issues.
  • Advise family and friends of victims on how to give support.

The work we do

The Mentoring Project
Long-term one to one support for women affected by DV and support for family and friends of victims who are also being affected by what is happening.

Community Training
Free locally based training on mentoring and DV to help community members respond better to DV and to gain useful skills for the future.

Areas we work in

Bartley Green, Weoley Castle, Northfield, Kings Norton, Selly Oak, Longbridge, Bournville, Quinton Wards and parts of Harborne.


How volunteers can help
Among other things people can help by:

  • Becoming mentors for The Mentoring Project (women volunteers only).
  • Getting involved with community and partnership work,
  • Helping with administration.
  • Supporting funding work.
  • Assisting with marketing, networking and raising the profile of the organisation.
  • Helping with media/social networking campaigns.
  • Supporting other volunteers.
  • Championing the project and its work.
  • Finding patrons,
  • Recruiting volunteers.

The Jan Foundation would also welcome some more Directors or people who would be prepared to occasionally donate any management expertise that they might have.


To volunteer and get involved in our community training

Phone Judy on 07747 825 745

Alternatively you can e-mail Judy on

All volunteers do 3 days training on mentoring and 2 days on DV issues. Community training sessions are run in various locations during school hours and other sessions are generally run on successive Saturdays at a local venue.


The posters tell you about DV but not how you can help ........ We do!

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to download this leaflet please CLICK on it