What is The Jan Foundation Mentoring Project?

The Jan Foundation Mentoring Project recruits volunteer mentors to support people living with domestic violence/abuse (survivors) so that they can make plans for the future and move on in the way they want to.


How does the Mentoring Project help?

The mentors are ‘there` for survivors to help them:

  • Gain more control of their lives by improving their confidence and self-esteem

  • Look at all their options to make well informed decisions and plans for the future.

  • Find and deal with the other services and agencies who can help.

  • Support them with any legal processes they might be involved in.

  • Support them through moving out- if that is what they decide to do.

  • Feel more certain that they can manage on their own if they need to.

How does the support work?

Each survivor is matched with a mentor for as long as they need and want the support, which will be driven only by the wants of the survivor and her family.


Who can be given support?

Survivors of domestic /abuse living in Birmingham.


Is the service confidential?

Survivors are able to talk freely and without fear, to the Mentoring Project in the knowledge that their information will not be passed onto any other agency (including the Police) without their written consent. The only exceptions to this are child and vulnerable adult protection issues or concerns about the safety of others.


Where do mentors come from?

Volunteer Mentors are people of any age, status, creed or colour, who have a wide range of experiences, skills and backgrounds. Key attributes needed include common sense and being non-judgmental. Life experience is more important than formal qualifications.


How can survivors get help?

Survivors can contact us themselves or they can be referred by anybody such as Friends, Police, Health Visitors, Doctors, Social Workers, Solicitors, Schools, other agencies such as statutory or voluntary organisations etc.


To get help, please contact us.


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